Friend of Animals

Friend of Animals




North American Division: NAD


1.     Do one of the following:

a.     Take care of an animal or bird for four weeks.

                              i.        Feed it and be certain it has fresh water.

                             ii.        Keep its cage or resting place clean.

b.     Put out food scraps or seed for animals or birds in your neighborhood. Keep careful watch for four weeks.

                              i.        List and identify creatures that feed there.

                             ii.        Draw or color pictures of them.

2.     Identify three different birds. Observe them and study their habits.

3.     Identify and describe characteristics of three breeds of dogs and two breeds of cats.

4.     Visit one of the following and write a report of what you do and see:

a.     a zoo

b.     a natural history museum

c.     an aviary

d.     a kennel

e.     a farmyard

f.      a pet shop

5.     Set up a feeding station for birds or animals.

6.     Play an animal game.

1.     Help the Adventurers learn responsibility and proper care for a pet. (You may purchase a group pet and have the Adventurers take turns caring for it.)

2.     Teach the Adventurers to be observant of nature and where to obtain help in identifying animals. (Use a library or museum.)

3.     Same as number 2.

4.     Include family members. Talk about what you saw and learned.

5.     A feeding station may be as simple as a window sill or a particular place on the ground. To attract birds and animals use a variety of seeds nuts and grains.

6.     Choose from different animal games such as Animal Lotto Animal Dominoes and bird and ani­mal games available at Adventist Book Centers or other Christian book stores.


Author: Jovenmarlo Imperio

Founding Director Global Frontiers Institute Founder: ECS300 OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM

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